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This elegant, recently renovated Federation cottage is located at 213 Australia Street Newtown, one of Sydney’s most cosmopolitan inner city suburbs.

It is the perfect home away from home for a busy professional on an assignment in the city, and it is a great base for exploring the best of what Sydney has to offer, such as the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Sydney Opera House and the many museums, theatres and galleries for which inner Sydney is famous.

A short walk up Australia Street from Newtown Railway Station in King Street, Jean Eileen is on your left.  You enter the front balcony through a wooden gate and open the front door.  Sunshine streaming through the house reflects off the dark polished floor of the hallway.  First on your right is the front bedroom and then the main bedroom.

You then enter an open plan living, dining and kitchen area.  The white shutters are opened against the wall.

You can relax on the lounge, plug your iPod into the sound system and unwind to your favourite music. 

The kitchen is fully equipped for the preparation of quick meals or banquets.  Everything is ready for a quiet meal alone or with your partner or family, or for a small dinner party.

Out the back door is a split level courtyard and the mini-laundry.  The courtyard is a wonderful place to enjoy a drink in the twilight.

Welcome to your home away from home in Sydney, Australia. 


Newtown Cottage Jean Eileen

your own two bedroom cottage in a cul-de-sac street less than 5 minutes walk from one of the most popular shopping, restaurant and bar areas of Sydney.

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